[MR] June 2021 Acorn letter - Kingdom Seneschal

Atlantian Seneschal seneschal at atlantia.sca.org
Mon May 24 10:55:26 PDT 2021

Greetings to the Kingdom of Atlantia from the Kingdom Seneschal, Duchess

Atlantia celebrates with King Anton and Queen Luned that they now have
Heirs, Prince Eckehard and Princess Jane Alexandria. Joyous celebrations
broke out across the Kingdom.

June will be a busy month, culminating in Coronation on June 26, 2021. More
information will be published online in May regarding plans for Coronation,
and although attendance will be limited by the Atlantian attendance
requirements we will find ways to celebrate across the Kingdom.

For the Seneschals office there will be changes in how we handle in-person
activities and events. Look to your local Seneschals and the Kingdom
website for detailed information. Remember that as we expand in-person
activities, requirements for social distancing, face masks, no shared food
and drinks, and limited attendance will continue. Be kind to your officers
and do not place them in difficult situations, educate yourself about the
rules, comply with them, and enjoy the time together as we begin to gather
once more.

The Kingdom Seneschal’s office has a need for several deputies. It is with
deep reluctance that I must seek a new emergency deputy. Master Jean Claude
de Calais has served Atlantia in this role for 5 years, and as the Virginia
regional deputy prior to that. He will be taking a well-earned rest from
the Seneschal’s office, although I have no doubt he will find other roles
to fill in no time. Please join me in thanking Jean Claude for his service
to our Kingdom and the Society.  TRM and I will be accepting applications
for the position of emergency deputy until June 15th. Please send them to
both the TRM at atlantia.sca.org and Seneschal at atlantia.sca.org emails. The
emergency deputy is not the ‘designated successor’ Kingdom Seneschal (KS).
They are the person who is kept up to date on all of the seneschal
activities and is available to step in to the role if the KS is ill or
unavailable. See section 5.11 of Kingdom Law.  It is a vital, required
position, and Jean Claude has been invaluable to me as KS. They attend the
Great officer of State meetings and work in valuable ways to assist the KS.

Another office that needs to be filled is that of the head of the Kingdom
Bid Committee. The head of the Committee serves under the Kingdom
Seneschal’s office to work the other committee members to solicit bids for
Kingdom events. See Kingdom Law section 5.13.6 and policy 1.9 for a far too
brief description of an important job. Mistress Graciela will be stepping
down and please take the time to thank her for all of her service to the
Kingdom. We all know that Graciela will continue to serve Atlantia! The
deadline for applications will also be June 15th.  Please send them to both
the TRM at atlantia.sca.org and Seneschal at atlantia.sca.org emails.  If you
have any questions about the jobs please reach out to me, or Jean Claude or

As we move into the next phase of Atlantia’s reopening there will
undoubtedly be bumps, and yet I know our Kingdom will continue to thrive
and grow as it has for the past year. There are changes ahead, and new
friends to be made, both in the Virtual Atlantia world and in-person. Vivat

Duchess Simone
Sarah Toich
Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia
seneschal at atlantia.sca.org
410-290-3961 NLT 10 pm

*“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you
plant.”Robert Louis Stevenson*

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