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HELP WANTED! University of Atlantia Job Descriptions for open positions.

The University of Atlantia team has expanded during lockdown, and we are expanding even more. If you’re interested in joining this wonderful team in support of the SCA’s mission of supporting teaching and learning, please consider reaching out to our team to ask about or volunteer for one of the following positions: 

1) Bursar:
-Lead fundraising efforts and University Bookstore
-NOT an Exchequer but similar accounting skills required
-Maintain existing stock of notebooks and pens
-Launch new T-shirt campaigns when needed
-Maintain records of University funds with the Kingdom Exchequer

2) External Communications Lead:
-Assist the Chancellor in designing and managing the strategic communications plan for each University event.
-Explore social media platforms for possible expansion
-Write copy for public announcements in collaboration with the whole University team

3) User Technical Support Lead:
-Lead team of tech support volunteers on virtual University event days
-Assist teachers and students in troubleshooting issues with their use of the University system at https://university.atlantia.sca.org

4) Collegium Lead:
Assist local groups to create learning events with support from University of Atlantia

5) At-Large Staff:
Assistance at both in-person events and virtual events 

Please contact chancellor at university.atlantia.sca.org to volunteer or get more information.
The Atlantian University Governance document can be found here: 


Thank you,
University of Atlantia Team 

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