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On this date in 1555, England's College of Arms was refounded through a
charter granted by Queen Mary I (aka "Bloody Mary") and her husband, King
Philip II of Spain. Mary became the official patroness of the College.

An English college of arms dates to as early as 1420, when it is first
mentioned in surviving documents. It received formal recognition in a
charter issued by Richard III in 1484. After his death at the Battle of
Bosworth, the organization fell out of favor with Henry VII, though heralds
certainly continued to serve the Crown. It became sadly debased during
Henry VIII's reign.

This rechartering is what makes the English College of Heralds junior to
Scotland's Court of the Lord Lyon which was officially established in 1532
and has served continuously under the same charter from that date. The
Court of the Lord Lyon has jurisdiction only on matters of Scottish
heraldry and genealogy. The College of Arms is responsible for heraldry in
England, Wales, Northern Ireland and some Commonwealth realms (including
New Zealand). Canada, South Africa and the Republic of Ireland have their
own independent heraldic bureaus. The rather republican Australian
Government has no such official office, and does not officially recognize
the College of Arms, though it recommends its use to citizens who have or
wish to have heraldic devices.

More about the College of Arms is at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_of_Arms .

For the Court of the Lord Lyon, see
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court_of_the_Lord_Lyon .

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