[MR] A rare and excellent track of classes: Commedia dell'Arte at Atlantia University

Lara Coutinho orange at indy.net
Mon Feb 8 22:18:06 PST 2021

Commedia dell' Arte track of classes at University of Atlantia's Winter
Session on Feb.13, 2021!

A rare gathering of commedia experts will produce a set of 6 classes on
Commedia dell' Arte open for free to the public. Atlantia University is
hosting nearly 200 classes on February 13, and all you need to do is sign

Go to https://university.atlantia.sca.org , click "log in" and create an
account. Then log in with your shiny new username and password, click
"Catalog" and sign up for the classes you want! Be SURE to accomplish this
by midnight US Eastern Time on Wednesday February 10!!

These are the amazing Commedia classes happening on Feb. 13:

1) Introduction to Commedia by Avelina del Dolce - Avelina gives beginner
students an overview of 16th century Commedia dell' Arte

2) XXX Commedia "Not Your Mother's Commedia Class" by Avelina del Dolce -
Avelina dives deeper into non-family-friendly content appropriate for only
modern adult audiences and compares historic cultural norms to today's.

3) Costuming for Commedia by Genef Wolfelin  - Genef's many years of both
costuming work and commedia performances will help students understand how
to dress for a 16th century style commedia show.

4) Making Scala's Commedia Scenarios Playable to Modern Sensibilities by
Anton of Winteroak - Anton and his troupe, i Sebastiani, have been
rehearsing Scala scenarios with a focus on aspects of these 400+ year old
scenarios that can be offensive to modern audiences. Anton will present
some of the ways they are adapting the scenarios to be more presentable to
a modern audience.

5) History of Commedia Through the Characters by Luceta di Cosimo -
Luceta's extraordinary research into the history of commedia allows her to
teach a succinct history class, focused on the characters, giving the
students an understanding of the

6) Writing Commedia Scenarios by Luceta di Cosimo - Luceta is one of the
most prolific and hilarious writers of 16th century style commedia
scenarios. She has a system that you can learn and use to write your own!

Don't miss these classes! They're free, produced by experts, and rarely
shared with the public! Sign up now!

Please let me know if you need any help at all with the tech or getting
signed up for any classes at Atlantia University!

Baroness Sophia the Orange
Commedia Geek and Tech Consultant

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