[MR] Royal Archery and Trial by Fire

Deirdre O'Bardon deirdre_obardon at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 16:38:22 PDT 2021

Arrows slashing through the air. Smells of cookingeverywhere.  The words of poets are foundthere.  And bards with music mayensnare.  Where?  Why it’s Royal Archery and Trial by Fire thefirst weekend in October in the Barony of the Bright Hills!  We hope to see you there!  

While we still can’t serve a feast, the cooking competitionwill happen. The archers will compete for the title of Royal Archer.  The Poeta Atlantiae will be sponsoring apoetry competition and there will be bardic. Lots of fun and lots offriends.  We just need you to join us!

Preregistration is being set up in SCARS (SCA RegistrationSystem).  In the meantime, if you havequestions please contact either the autocrat Dame Wynne ferch Rhodri at jay_wynne at hotmail.com or Dame Deirdre O’Bardonat Deirdre_obardon at yahoo.com .

Deirdre O’Bardon

Poetry, subtleties, cooking, bardcraft . . . 

Deirdre_OBardon at yahoo.com

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