[MR] Class Access info for Online Sept 12 University of Atlantia

Adriana la Bretonne baronessadriana at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 13:19:02 PDT 2020

I hope you're looking forward to attending tomorrow's online 105th session
of the University of Atlantia! Below are instructions to access your
classes, a link to our FAQ, a schedule for the day, and some reminders.

To find all information you'll need as a student or instructor during
Saturday's session including your classes & access info for each:

1. Log into the University of Atlantia website:
2. Click on "Classes I'm Taking" or "Classes I'm Teaching" link in the
left-side menu.
3. This page has links to our all-day online lobby, court / convocation,
AND all the classes you're taking including the access info for each.
4. You also can email your instructors or students from within each class.
5. For classes on the free version of Google Meet, you will need a Google
account to access them.

Also, please review our FAQ which includes answers to many questions for
both teachers & students:

Sept 12 University of Atlantia Schedule (all times are Eastern Standard
Time, United States):

9:30 AM Common room opens for students
10 AM Class 1
11 AM Class 2

12:30-1 PM Court / Convocation

1 PM Class 3
2 PM Class 4
3 PM Class 5

4-4:30 PM BREAK

4:30 PM Class 6
5:30 PM Class 7
6:30 PM End of Day

Finally, please check the following before your first class:

1. Apply any needed operating system or meeting platform updates.
2. Test your speakers, webcam, and / or microphone.
3. Review how to access and use the platforms your classes will be taught

In service,
Chancellor, University of Atlantia
university at atlantia.sca.org

University of Atlantia Facebook Page

Sept 12 Online UofA Facebook Event

Baroness Adriana la Bretonne, OP
University of Atlantia Chancellor
Barony of Windmasters' Hill <http://www.windmastershill.org>
Kingdom of Atlantia <http://atlantia.sca.org>

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