[MR] Hug (virtually) Your Exchequer!

Jdeke von Kolberg ladyjdeke at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 11:45:04 PST 2020

Just wanted to mention - while none of us are having the kind of SCA fun 
that we like to enjoy, the Exchequers are still working.

Picture your poor group Exchequer, working in a dim office, updating 
policies, writing reports, balancing the bank statements, alone and 
lonely, red-eyed as a weasel...

Well.   Maybe not that bad.  But they ARE certainly working.  Hug your 
Exchequer today!

in Dienst,

THL Jdeke von Kolberg
Exchequer, Kingdom of Atlantia
Regional Exchequer, Eastern North Carolina
MKA Robin A. Leguillow
Per fess argent and gules, a raven's head erased contourny sable and a 
mullet of eight points argent

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