[MR] Harvest Wars, September 27-29

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 13:59:23 PDT 2019

Greetings Atlantia and friends near and far!

     The Barony of Bright Hills Fall event, Harvest Wars, is getting closer
and closer!  September 27 – 29 in Denton, MD. Camping season is still open
and the Harvest Wars site has plenty of room and the ground is delightfully
flat! Not only that – there is NO FEE to camp. You can even cook by your
tent. Well, as long as you don’t use a ground fire or pit. Those are not
allowed. Imagine sitting outside, watching the night sky and actually being
able to see the stars! The site is well away from city lights.

     Are you wondering what you might find to do at Harvest Wars?  We have
a variety of scenarios for the Heavy fighters, including such shenanigans
as Fish feeding, Cattle raids and Sheep tossing.  For our mighty siege
engines we return with another day of Pumpkin Chucking! Like to throw
knives or axes – we got that too!  Rumors of interesting Rapier scenarios
have been mentioned as well.

     Not the martial type?  How about some A & S challenges?  Try out the
“New to Me” novice competition or dive into the Harvest Triathlon

     What, you never tried a triathlon before?  This one’s fun. We have 6
categories for potential entries. You make/cook/prepare one entry each from
3 (only 3) categories that would be found within one persona, culture or
area of interest. It’s a gentler version of the Persona Pentathlon. You
could prepare a preserved meat, make an ague remedy from herbs you gathered
and knit mittens from the wool of a sheep you raised. The categories are
fun and yet leave a lot of room for interesting approaches.

     Not sure about competing? We have an open display and would love to
see things you’ve been working on. No pressure from judges but sharing your
documentation may give you a chance to gather helpful suggestions from many
other artisans.

     Would a cooking competition interest you?  The first of hopefully many
“Chirhart Blackstar Memorial Cook-offs” will take place at Harvest Wars.
The cooking competition is for BACON! Any and all Bacon recipes are
welcome.  You can pre-cook your dish or cook it on site.  Be aware that you
will not have access to the site kitchen. Cooking is to be ‘Pennsic-style’.

See the expanded event announcement for more details at:

or contact the Autocrat; Baroness Tatiana Ivanovna at 410-437-7090 or at
crbosworth at aol.com

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