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On this day in 1558, Mary I, Queen of England (aka Mary Tudor) died.

Mary's half-brother, Edward VI, named Lady Jane Grey as his successor.
Disgruntled Catholics flocked to Mary's banner, and after a quick coup,
Mary had the 9-day Queen Jane and her husband Guildford Dudley arrested and
chucked into the Tower. When further armed in support for Jane rose, Mary
had Jane and her husband topped.

Mary is most noted for her attempt to restore Catholicism to England after
her father Henry VIII's break with Rome, and the officially Protestant
reign of her half brother, Edward VI. Mary first cleaned house on the
Protestant bishops who refused to accept Catholicism, having a number of
the most prominent churchmen burned at the stake as heretics. Over 800
Protestants were executed during the five years of Mary's reign, mostly by
burning. Many other prominent protestants fled to the Continent.

Although the term was apparently not used during her lifetime, the epithet
"Bloody Mary" was invented by later Protestant historians for her ruthless
treatment of dissenters. The title did not describe her treatment of the

Mary was successful in some other areas of policy, but her brutal
suppression of the Protestants brought widespread discontent, and cemented
support for her Protestant sister and successor Elizabeth.

Mary's death was probably from influenza, though she was seriously weakened
by possible ovarian cysts or uterine cancer, and either of these may have
been the true cause.

A brief bio of Mary I is at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_I_of_England

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