[MR] Looking for marshals for Coronation

deallac at juno.com deallac at juno.com
Fri May 31 09:18:18 PDT 2019

Greetings all,

I have accepted the position of Marshal In Charge for Cuan and Signy's Coronation
this fall - 4-6 October.  It is being held in Storvik, at the site used for Battle on the Bay
(Upper Marlboro, Md)

I am looking for marshals for the individual activities planned: Heavy Weapons,
Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Youth Heavy.  I already have a volunteer for Rapier.

Please contact me at Deallac [at] juno [dot] com if you are willing to assist in one of 
these posts.  MiTs will be welcome, too, but please wait until we have the individual 
MiCs, so that you can work with them.

Thank you in advance


Dame Dealla Cohen, OP, DEM TW

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