[MR] Highland River Melees A&S May 31 -June 2

Janina Krakowska janina.krakowska at gmail.com
Fri May 17 05:51:21 PDT 2019

Highland River Melees – Insurrection A&S

May 31 – June 2  Hagerstown, MD

All Hail the Baroness!  On this day of revelry and shenanigans, let us
celebrate our Baroness, both incoming and outgoing. Bring/create items that
you feel the Baronesses would find joyful. For our dear Baroness Glynis;
harps, goats, and random acts of kindness or generosity make her heart
sing. Her Nexcellency Sinn says that attempts at art bring her joy. And if
it makes you happy, it makes her happy.

Make art! Be kind! Pay it forward! For the more intangible aspects, a brief
statement about a kindness or an act of generosity can be entered. I
guarantee they will make them very, very happy.  There will be a chest of
cedar that the entries may be placed about, and which is the prize. The
‘judging’ of this part will be the purview of a number of baronesses, both
landed and court.

I am sponsoring a separate challenge. As we enter a new phase in Highland
Foorde, it is time to enter a new phase of heraldic display. This challenge
is relatively simple – write a description of heraldic display that can be
created and displayed by next year’s Highland River Melees. A sketch,
general idea of materials and how many people it will take to execute your
concept. Paper and pencil/pen will available on-site for your use. Let your
imagination soar! My goal is that there will be no question who we are when
we are there! So we’ll tell them, heraldically.

I look forward to all the wonderful ideas!

Mistress Janina Krakowska z Cambion

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