[MR] Updated Lost & Found from Bright Hills event 2/9/2019

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 15:06:14 PST 2019

Greetings All,
     This is the updated lost and found list. Some things have been claimed
others have come out of hiding in my van and are additions. IF anything on
the list sounds like it's something you are missing, kindly e-mail me so we
can get belongings back where they belong. My E-mail address is
chagankhulan at gmail.com or track me down on Facebook under Karen Whitlock.
Here is the list;
1.  Brown cup w/ no handle. Shiny glaze, straight sides.
2. Purple fleece cloak, unlined, very light weight.
3. Fake 'Mink fur' brown cloth with lining. Posibly a lap robe or baby
4.  Black cloak - heavy fleece. Not lined.
 5.  Faded grayish cloth bag, cotton cord tied to strap. Has some important
papers in it, but no name. Also contains a knitted bag in purple, black &
white and a small knife.
 6. Insulated tote bag, tan. Has printed logo reading "Pinder Plotkin LLC
Legal Team" with large P on a blue shield .
 7. Site token from Holiday Faire . Wooden with A.S. 53 date.
 8. Tiny metal spoon - possibly goes with a salt cellar, 2 1/4 inches long
with shallow bowl.
 9. Silver Crab charm with 4 small colored stones on a brass wire.
 10. A plastic bag of sea shells.

I believe that is everything that is unclaimed. A number of items have
already been claimed that don't show up here. It was quite a pile of gear
that came home with me.

I will have the entire collection with me at Ponte Alto's Investiture on

Hoping everything gets reclaimed,

Chagan, Autocrat, Bright Hills 25th Anniversary event

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