[MR] Bright Hills 25th Baronial Anniversary Event

Karen Whitlock chagankhulan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 11:26:15 PST 2019

Greetings to All,
      I have heard a number of comments like "wonderful events" and "you
did a great job" and those are wonderful words to hear.
However, in my many years of putting together events I can tell you it is
not, has never been and will never be a one person production. Producing an
event requires a well coordinated, dedicated team of people to bring it to
      I would like to thank those many people who gave of their time,
energy and enthusiasm and made the Bright Hills 25th Baronial Anniversary
the incredible event that it was. I know I don't remember every name or
face, but I will list here, those that I do recall and I give hearty thanks
to all of them and the unsung help whos names escaped me. You are all a
great treasure for this Barony.
Those individuals are;
 Barbara GioMaria di Roberto, Wrad of Ce, Amy Edwards and Beverly Mah -
Most excellent Troll crew and patient souls who dealt with waves of
incoming guests with a smile.
Head Cook & company - Rhys of Ravenhill and Jeanne du Bec, Bruce Murray,
Gustav Emile der Dunkele Rotvogel, Brienna llewellyn Lindsay, Aye der
Dunkele Rotvogel, Cordelia fitzRobert of York, Maeve fitzRobet of York,
Bare fitzRobert of York, Wynne ferch Rohdri, Llywelyn Blaidd coch, Joseph
Blackbeard, Elizabeth of Sumerseton, Cairrel mac Cormaic, Aine Inghean
Cathal and Ailean Mac Railbeart of Lochmere. There was another lady but I
have not learned her name.
Marshall in Charge - Cairrell mac Cormaic with Rapier MiC - Sir Aelfred of
Cres, Youth MiC - Mia Mousetower, Heavy MiC - Cairrell mac Cormaic and
Archery MiC - Dagny Austkona
MoL - Hunter Fowler
A & S - Tatiana Ivanovna with assistance for the competitions from Freydis
Sjona, Michel von Schonsee, Harper an Cu
Children's Activities - Katarzyna Witkowska
Master of the Hall - Barre fitzRobert of York
Merchant Coordinator - Livia de Samuele
Poster of Signs - Randvr Askmadr
Teachers - Livia di Samuele and Sindara
Lunch - Bright Hills Archers and friends - Godai Katsunaga, Janyn Fletcher,
Reyne Telarius, Robert Runewald, Dagny Austkona, Aiden and others.
Hall set up and break down - Heinrich Kreiner, Wrad of Ce, Barbara Giomaria
di Roberto, Rachel Stiffler, Okai of Bright Hills, William Harrison, Uhtred
of Nottingham, Zin Fira of Nottingham, Godai Katsunaga, Janyn Fletcher,
Kollack von Zweckle, Rebecca von Zweckle, Gabrell Faircloughe, Greer
Jonsdottir, Joseph Blackbeard and a host of fine ladies and gentlemen who I
wish were not nameless. All amazing help.
Wrad of Ce, my ever patient, tolerant and supportive husband.
And to Their Majesties, King Ragnarr and Queen Lynette, for gracing our
hall and brightening the day with their presence and the smiles they
brought to so many faces during the day.

I cannot thank you all enough for your work, support and patience with me
and this amazing event. I am still speechless over the number of attendees.

Yours in Service and in Friendship,

Chagan Khulan, Baghsi - Autocrat

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