[MR] NEW A&S Judging Form with a Rubric!

Atlantian KMoAS atlantiankmoas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 08:51:31 PST 2019


There is a new A&S Judging form with a rubric on the MOAS website
http://moas.atlantia.sca.org/ Direct to the new form

This form is not to replace any of the currently used forms but to give a
additional resource for those hosting a Arts and Sciences competitions.
Please note that this form is light on commentary space and expects
addition blank pieces of paper to be attached.

Please make sure your competition announcements include the type of judging
that will be done at them.

Thank you all for supporting the arts and sciences.

*Yours, in Service & Art,*

Lady Marion le Red
*Atlantian Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences*

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