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Sun Feb 3 18:30:04 PST 2019

Unto Their Majesties, Ragnarr and Lynette, and the populace of Atlantia does Master Eldred AElfwald, Triton Principal Herald send greetings!

Here follows an account of Their Majesties' evening Royal Court at Nottinghill Coill's Baronial Birthday and Investiture, held on the 26th day of January, Anno Societatis LIII.

Their Majesties first order of business was to induct Lady Elisabet Walkere into the Order of the Opal.

Lilly Rose was then escorted before Their Majesties and inducted into the Order of the Alycon for her skill in painting illuminations.

Baron Elphin and Baroness Delia of Nottinghill Coill then were invited to hold Their first Court.  Master Hagar the Black has reported on the awards and business conducted therein.

Mackenzie of Nottinghill Coill was inducted into the Order of the Hippocampus.

Lord Olaf Stammkopf was summoned into the Royal Presence, but Their Majesties were in a dilemma as to why he should be before them.  After explaining Their views to the populace and recounting the support of the Orders, Their Majesties settled upon BOTH being right and inducted Lord Olaf into both the Order of the Pearl and the Order of the Golden Dolphin.

Lady Catriona inghean Ghiolla Phadraig was then called forth to answer whether her time of contemplation had readied her for inclusion in the Order of the Pelican. (Her answer was "Yes")  Upon being released from her fealty to Mistress Aodh Marland, Lady Catriona was inducted into the Order of the Pelican.

Here ends the account of evening Court.

In service,
Master Eldred AElfwald
Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia

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