[MR] Super Low-key, Casual, (Spontaneous?) Dancing at Coronation

Michelle C theoriginalmcc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 18:20:31 PDT 2019

All you have to do to dance at Coronation is take hands and follow along...

...but if the idea of spontaneously joining hands without actually being
taught the steps makes you more nervous than running while holding an axe
in one hand and lit fireworks in the other (reference picture here:
http://coronation.atlantia.sca.org/martial/), I have good news for you:

There will be a dance class at 1 pm in the Recreation Hall!

It will cover the simple step patterns to go with a few pieces of music the
band will play later in the evening. If bad weather forces other activities
inside, the dance class will be in the back of the Learning

In the evening, as music is played, beverages are consumed, and the straw
man burns, there will be intermittent opportunities to dance along in the
style of the Schembart Carnival...

like this:

and like this:

 ...nothing complicated. Just take hands and follow along. No dance
experience necessary!


P.S. Unrelated to anything above, a  group of Windy Kitties will be
performing the sword dance, Buffens after feast!

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