[MR] HRM2018 Alternate directions!

Jacintha of Highland Foorde jacintha74 at gmail.com
Thu May 31 05:05:52 PDT 2018

Given the rain  and flooding that we received about 2 weeks ago, we still
have road damage. While camp is doing very well, it will take you longer to
get to us by a detour route. Plan on approximately 20-25 minutes longer if
you are coming from the south or east towards us. If you are coming from
the north or west, you will travel the same.

This also means that there are *NO* nearby conveniences. Boonsboro is the
closest town about 20 minutes from site. Please plan accordingly.

*Detour to Manidokan Camp & Retreat Center taking 340 west.*

Then, AFTER Brunswick Rt17 and BEFORE Keep Tryst Road and the Bridge to
VA/WV, you will take a right turn onto Route 67 towards Boonsboro.

Go about 7 miles.

Turn Left on Trego Road

Go just over a mile.

(Do not turn onto Trego Mountain Road or Chestnut Grove Road)

Turn Left on Potterstown Road

Turn Left very soon onto Burnside Bridge Road.

Go about 2-3 miles.

Turn Sharp Left onto Mills Road

Go about 2 miles.

Turn Left onto Harpers Ferry Road at the stop sign

Go about 4.5 miles.
Turn left to get to the campgrounds.

Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Event Coordinator, Highland River Melees 2018
hrmelees at highlad-forrde.atlantia.sca.org

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