[MR] On Target is here!

deallac at juno.com deallac at juno.com
Tue May 8 19:13:23 PDT 2018

Greetings Unto the Populace of Atlantia and its Neighbors On Target! This weekend, 12 May, is your chance to monopolize the spices of theOld and New Worlds! Choose a region. Claim the local spices. Travelto other regions, and try to gather all of the spices there, too. Who can be the Spice Lord or Lady? Come and shoot! Come enjoy the light breezes off of the Chesapeake Bay! We have an exciting and busy day (or as busy as you want to be) planned withall of the shooting that you could want. Plus we have a quest planned for thoseof you who don’t, or choose not to shoot. Schedule:9:00 – Site Opens **** note this is earlier than on the web site!10:00-12:00- Warm ups, Royal Rounds and possible other contests12:00-1:00 Lunch12:30-1:30 AtlAtl Battle1:30-4:30 – Spice Road Challenge4:30-5:00 – Champion Shoot-off5:00 Court6:00 FeastDark – Night Shoot!!! (new! - stick around and see flying missiles glowing throughthe sky!!!! Loaner Gear Available! Web page: http://lochmere.atlantia.sca.org/ontarget/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/363271727493777/ Contacts:Autocrat: Dame Dealla Cohen – deallac at juno.comMiC: Master Kryss Kostarev – lthrgryphn at aol.com MiTs welcome!!!!

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