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Unto Their Majesties Amos and Kara, Their Highnesses Dietrich and Una and the People of Atlantia does Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri, Blue Shark Herald send greetings and news...

On Saturday, the eighteenth day of November, in the fifty-second year of the Society, the populace of Atlantia along with their King and Queen, braved the rigors of travel, chilly winds and chancy weather …to SHOP!
Holiday Faire, held in the baronial lands of Stierbach, is a yearly event which, in this Heralds, eyes rival any street at Pennsic.  All who attended left richer than they arrived whether it was with coin or the priceless treasures purchased from the various merchants in attendance.
Their Majesty’s King Amos and Queen Kara also attended the Faire, meeting and greeting their subjects, shopping, talking stock of the fine warriors of our kingdom, shopping…  And then there was Court!
Ah, the court held at Holiday Faire was a fine event.  Together with Their Excellency’s of Stierbach, King Amos and Queen Kara welcomed all who had gathered.  
A royal court was opened and Lord John the Brewer and Lady Johanna Van den Vaerst were called forth and welcomed into the Order of the Opal.  
Lady Caitlin inghean Fheichin received a Sea Stag for her contribution to the rapier community and as rapier War Lord.
Newcomers to the Faire and Society were welcomed in court by both King Amos and Queen Kara and Baron Safir and Baroness Karin.  It is sincerely hoped that they will return to more events. 
It was then that Baron Safir and Baroness Karin were given leave to open Their court that their subjects may be recognized with awards and adulation.  
It was during the baronial court that Lady Freug the Herbalist was given a Fountain for all her deeds for the Faire, stepping in when it was needed and making sure things ran smoothly for all.  She was assured that the Fountain was indeed for her as this find lady had also picked up the awards for her lord husband John the Brewer.
When cheers for baronial awardees eventually quieted, royal court was continued, and Adelaide of Roxbury Mill was awarded a Coral Branch for her costuming, pattern-making, and community support.
A great surprise was in store for the next two gentles who were called before the Thrones of Atlantia.  Firstly, the Order of the Golden Dolphin was called forth and agreed with the Crown that its members were short by two.  Then, Lord Aeddan Ivor and Baron Dietrich Safir zum Drache were welcomed into court and their new Order of the Golden Dolphin.  
A youngster was next on Their Majesty’s list and Ashitaka Matsuda was summoned and given a Hippocampus for his work and help.  I must also say that this young man is most patient with a Herald who mispronounced his name more than once.  Many thanks to you, young sir, you are truly a gentleman.
The children had their time in court, chasing the treasure box with speed and laughter.
Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir, the autocrat, entered court and thanked all for attending and lauding the work of her staff and all who helped in running this fine event.  Your Herald also had a part in this court, reading the names of the various winners of the many competitions held this day.  Long and loud were the cheers and applause for autocrat, staff, and baronial populace, but that was not the end.
Their Majesty’s had one more piece of business and called Lady Isabel Henry to Their Presence.  She of course, entered meekly and with wonder and upon kneeling, smiled sweetly and with a curious countenance.  Word of the lady’s efforts in advancing the Arts and Sciences had reached the Crowns’ ears and they felt she deserved a bit of recognition.  It was then that the Order of the Pearl was called forward and Lady Isabel officially welcomed into their august presence.  My goodness was she surprised!
As silence gradually overtook the court, Their Majesties of Atlantia and Their Excellencies of Stierbach once more thanked all in attendance, bade the populace to travel home safely and closed the court to many vivats and cheers.
This is a true accounting of the events and should there be anything missing or wrong please contact me privately.
Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri
Blue Shark Herald
Kingdom of Atlantia

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