[MR] Dragon Shooting Day at Grimmsfield

Stephan Grimm via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed May 31 13:46:35 PDT 2017

My good and noble friends of the bow:

                Once again, Dragon shooting Day is upon us. Although later
in the year, it still managed to creep up on me. I will open Grimmsfield to
all of my fellow archers and would be archers on Sunday June 4th from 3 p.m.
till dusk for the said shooting of Dragons. Loaner gear as well as helpful
advise will be available.  I ask any and all who want to bring dragon
targets (or even dragon target faces, I have backings) to please feel free
to bring them along to shoot. As in the past, this year there will be a jar
on the table for voluntary donations to the American Cancer Society. As
always, snacks will never be turned away. This will be a Garb/ Costume
optional but encouraged shoot. Let's get dressed up and shoot dragons!  For
more info and directions see www.grimmsfield.com
<http://www.grimmsfield.com> .

Your servant,


TL:DR: Archery at Grimmsfield 6/4/17 3 till dusk.

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