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Noble Friends, Especially Fellow Scots:

On this date in 1153 King David I of Scotland died after a reign of 29 
years. David was a son of King Malcolm Cranmore (or Malcolm "Big Head") 
and Margaret of Wessex. Although he got off to a rough start and had to 
fight his way to the throne, David proved to be one of the most 
important Scottish kings. Raised and educated at the English court, he 
brought many innovations to Scotland. Among these were the feudal 
system, whereby he gave lands to mostly French or Anglo-Norman knights 
who modernized his armies, stabilized local government, and built lots 
of castles (factoid: there are still over 2,000 castles in Scotland, 
though many are in ruins--I still have 1,990 to see).

You can learn more about this very important Scottish King at 

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Mungo Napier, Laird of Mallard Lodge

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