[MR] Fun after sundown at Return to Camelot!

Lara Coutinho via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu May 11 13:14:12 PDT 2017

King Arthur needs Dance Band Musicians!
Queen Guinevere needs people to dance with!
The Knights of the Round Table need Bards to sing of their legends!
And everyone needs to eat!

This weekend at the Return to Camelot event, Dance Band rehearsal for all
comers begins at 12:00 noon, led by the Magnificent Rhiannon of Ravens Cove!
Dancing begins in the main hall "after dinner" which should be around
7:00pm ISH.
Bardic Circle begins in the afternoon at 12:00 noon on the back porch, and
again "after dinner" on the back porch.

"Dinner" has 2 options:
Option 1) The Generous Honey Badger Tavern folks are feeding chili to the
first 100 takers
Option 2) You can join a pitch in dinner in the main building in the
company of European dancers and the live dance band! Starts at 7:00pm!
(Bring your own feast gear for the pitch in and wash it in the building's
kitchen OR use dispo gear provided by Master Gaelan - bring your knife and

Questions can be directed to Rhiannon or Sophia the Orange (you can email
orangesophie AT gmail) for dancing and music stuff.

Bring your coconuts for the i Firenzi performance in the hour before
afternoon court!

Get a lot of sleep on Friday night, because Saturday is going to be full of
Arthurian fun!
--Lady Sophia the Orange, Performing Arts Coordinator for Return to Camelot

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