[MR] War of the Wings RV Policy

Nikulai Ivanovich via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Jul 17 12:45:56 PDT 2017

War of the Wings RV Policy:

After conversations with Yadkin County including the fire marshal, the
rules on campers, vardos, etc are as follows.

If you have a detachable trailer (such as a popup or vardo) and it is not
in any way connected to any internal combustion engine or generator you can
put it in general camping as long as you reserve enough land for it and
have approval of the group's land steward.

If you plan to use a generator or have a camper that is connected to an
internal combustion engine or generator, or dont want to reserve the land
for camping or do not have permission from your group's land steward then
you are in the parking/RV area which may be further away.

We will try to establish a specific RV parking area.

** Please note: Per the Yadkin County Fire Marshal, the only acceptable
reasons for a combustion engine to enter beyond the parking area are for
brief loading/unloading situations, and brief trailer drop-off/pick-up
situations. **

Master Nikulai Ivanovich, OP
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