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Noble Friends,

On this day in 651 Aidan of Lindesfarne died in Northumbria. Aidan was 
an Irish monk of Iona who was sent to Northumbria at the request of King 
Oswald of Northumbria in 634-635. Aidan made his seat on what became 
known as the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and founded the famous monastery 
there. He was successful as a missionary by first making friends with 
the Anglo-Saxons, both noble and slave, and raising their interest in 
Christianity before trying to convert them. After his death in 651, 
Aidan was acclaimed a saint and is celebrated in the Eastern, Catholic 
and Anglican faiths.

You can read more about Aidan at 

Lindisfarne Priory was later the home of St. Cuthbert. There is more 
about Lindisfarne at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindisfarne#History

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