[MR] Roxbury Mill Holiday Melee Practice

Nyvein Dyfnawal via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Nov 29 10:19:33 PST 2016

As the cold winter winds blow, the days get shorter, and the borders
between lands are snowed in, raiding ships cannot reach the farther
shores.  But the Shire must keep its warriors in practice for when the
spring comes again.

And what better way to practice than to have a snowball fight?

And so the Shire of Roxbury Mill invites their friends and neighbors to a
Snowball Fight melee, held on December 22, at their normal fighter practice
time and location (7-9ish pm, 2200 Baltimore Rd, MD).

This melee will be held indoors, at our lovely practice site.

Each team starts with equal numbers of "snowballs" and must end the melee
with FEWER snowballs than the opposing team.  The melees are timed,
unlimited resurrection.  Seeing as this is still a practice, various
formats of throwing, collecting, and guarding the snowballs will be tried,
and breaking the scenario (as long as this does not include breaking the
practice space), will be encouraged.

Lady Nyvein Dyfnawal
Shire of Roxbury Mill

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