[MR] Royal Bard Competition at 12th Night

William Fleming via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Nov 21 09:29:46 PST 2016

My Lords and Ladies, Most Worthy Peers, and dearest cousins,

Once more the time has come to select those who will serve as Royal Bards
for Their Majesties and Their successors.  At the celebration of Twelfth
Night a competition will be held and Lord Gideon, the Bard of the South,
and I encourage all bards to come and compete.  The competition will be
comprised of three rounds.

In the first and second round competitors should perform pieces in
different modes.  For example, if a story is performed in the first round,
the bard should perform a song, instrumental piece, poem, or some-such for
the second round.  One of the pieces performed in the first two rounds must
be period, documentation should be provided.  Extra consideration shall be
given to bards who perform original compositions in addition to the period

Those bards who are selected for the final round shall perform for Their
Majesties and the populace during feast.

Should you have any questions, concerning the competition, appropriate
pieces, etc., please feel free to contact me.

Your servant, if you would have me,

Olaugh Ruaidhri an Cu (Bard of the North)

Email: raidhriancu at gmail.com                   Phone: (301)570-9434
Facebook: Ruaidhri an Cu

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