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Marion Campbell via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Nov 21 05:32:03 PST 2016

Ymir is coming up it is Febuary 24-26.  Time to start planning A&S.

We have several A&S opportunities for all. The theme of this year's Ymir is
14th Century Norse.

All Ymir information can be found at http://ymir.windmastershill.org/

But if you want to know more about A&S at Ymir  keep reading below.

Marion le Red

*A&S at Ymir 2017 *

*Static displays and competitions:  *Lady Marion le Red (Marionred at gmail.com

*Hoods and head coverings of the 14th century Norse people.*

Create, document and show off the best head covering for a person of a
Norse culture: Baltic, Rus, Scandinavian, any of the cultures that worked
with the late period Norse people.    This will be a static display,
documentation required.

*Artifacts of the late period Norse.*

What does a 14th century Norse person look like, own, use, have. Show us
what the late period Norse is; what cultures can be placed as a late period
Norse persona.  This will be a static display and populace choice,
documentation required.  There will be prizes for adults and minors awarded.

*Very Varangian*

Using a 10th-14th century Byzantine exemplar or a miniature from the
Skylitzes Manuscript create a scroll blank for a Kingdom award.  Atlantian
illumination judging standards utilized -
http://moas.atlantia.sca.org/judging/illum.htm.  Documentation required,
EZDoc will suffice but further documentation preferred.  Prizes awarded in
novice and accomplished categories, novice being a scribe with less than
two years experience.

 Hosted by Baruna *Sajah bint-Habushun ibn-Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji (*
Hippopotamama at hotmail.com)

*Open displays are always welcome as well. *

*Artisans Row/ Schola: *Baroness Michel Almond de Champagne OL OP

Artisans Row/ Schola this year will have the goal of promoting “New to Me
A&S”.  Please bring your A&S and help share it with others.  Contact Michel
at Michel1492 at yahoo.com with space and table requirements.

*Performing Arts :  *Lady Sophia the Orange  (orangesophie at gmail dot com)


Our local commedia dell’ arte troupe, i Firenzi, is planning an afternoon
comedy show that is family friendly and fun for all.  Before the show,
there will be a mini-class on commedia putting it into context for an SCA
audience. This class and show are part of the annual International Commedia
dell’ Arte Day celebrations!


European dancing will be in the main hall after feast lead by Sophia the
Orange.  Musicians are welcome and encouraged to contact Sophia ahead of
time if they wish to join a pick up dance band.

*Bardic circles*

Lord Manus MacDhai will lead TWO bardic circles: one will happen in the
afternoon and one will happen after feast, location TBA.

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