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Jacintha of Highland Foorde via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Nov 9 16:23:33 PST 2016

My fellow Populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia,

The SCA is a community that welcomes each unique individual. I believe that
we as a community can nurture and protect our fellow SCAdians in this
traumatic, divisive time. Our Baronies are our first families in the SCA.
Whatever happens we still love our brothers, sisters and parents, even if
they make us angry. We need the support of our fellow Populace. To nurture
and protect our fellow Populace, I urge that each member and non-member who
plays, rally around their Baronage. To support the Populace, your Baronage
needs your support. I would urge that you help out with the Baronial set up
when the Baronage attend an event you are attending. While I can't speak
for your Baronage, I suspect you will be welcome and invited to share that
pavilion between battles, between your service to others, between classes
or other artful endeavors, or you just want a place to hang out! Maybe you
have your own set up? Great! I would urge you to coordinate with the
Baronage and the event staff to have the pavilions set up near each other.
You want to go to an event and want to get the inside scoop on the Barony
or Kingdom? Volunteer to retain! It’s a great way to spend some time. One
of my most memorable retaining gigs was taking a nap with her Majesty
Briana and I've shopped with Her Excellency, Glynis.

I urge you to go to your Baronial meetings. Let your voice be heard, hear
what’s going on. Attend one or more of the activities that are organized,
if you are able. If you want to but need a ride, let your baronial Populace
know. Maybe something can’t be worked out all the time, but I’m certain
sometimes it can.

We need to pull together and support each other and our rallying point
should be our Baronage!


Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Barony of Highland Foorde Youth Officer
Vice-Chancellor of Pages
Kingdom of Atlantia
Per fess argent and azure, a sprig of harebells azure slipped and leaved
vert and a compass rose argent
jacintha74 at gmail.com

*       Nam in dando recipimus      *
* For it is in giving that we receive *
*    Francis of Assisi 1185-1226    *

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