[MR] Defending the Gate is this weekend -- Take a look at the Feast Menu

Laurie Clarkston via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Mar 21 04:12:34 PDT 2016


Have you seen the menu for Feast? I have tasted what will be served at
Feast and you will want to attend. It is worth packing your Feast Gear for
this one..!

Menu (a detailed list of ingredients will be available on-site)
First Remove
Sauces (Sweet mustard, Lord’s sauce (Cinnamon sauce made with true cinnamon
not cassia), Honey butter, Orange sauce, Spicy mustard)
Sausages and Pottage (homemade sausages stewed in apples and onions)
Second Remove
Koken wan honer (Chicken pies)
Spenat (Spinach with bacon and currants)
Brat Ruben (Roasted carrots, turnips, parsnips, and beets)
Third Remove
Sauerbraten (Braised marinated beef)
Bohemian Pease
Rotkhol (Sweet & sour cabbage)
Fourth Remove
Lebkuchen (Honey cakes)
Kirschen (Cherries stewed in wine)
**Bonus: Lunch is included with your Day Trip Fee.**


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