[MR] Atlantian A&S at Gulf Wars XXV

Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Mar 20 13:08:46 PDT 2016

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Atlantia did extremely well in the A&S activities at Gulf Wars XXV.
First: In the A&S Champions Battle on Thursday, the Atlantian Champion, Kat
Ferneley, came in with a 1st place score of 24.5 out of 25. While two other
individuals managed to match her score, Kat was beaten by NONE. Ansteorra's
reaction in the hall was, "We were *very* glad to have Atlantia as our
ally." Upon entering the hall, at least two of the other competitors looked
at Kat's display and expletives were heard in response to the
impressiveness of her A&S prowess.
Next: In the Artisan's Row Sheep to Purse Competition, Dreux d'Anjou (Mikie
Edwards) managed to come in 1st as well! He processed the wool (two types),
spun it, plied it, dyed 1/2 of it (a gorgeous blue in fact), then knit a
*colorwork* pattern documented from a pair of Spanish ecclesiastic gloves.
Then, Jonathan Blackbow (David H Ritterskamp) entered the War Bard
competition (waiting to hear back on how things went).
Meanwhile, outside of the traditional competitions, you only had to walk
around the Atlantian camp to see A&S activities *EVERYWHERE*. Lady Annora
Hall (Kathy C Murphy) cooked over an open fire with documented period meals
and preparation, Lady Kaete MacDavid (Kathleen Harris) was seen with some
gorgeous blue and white weaving (which made its way to the gift basket). In
the Tudor house (a work of art in itself by Count Sinclair (Trey Sutter)),
there were conversations of armor creation with Baroness Cellach (Kari Kel
Dalton) and YES, Your Excellency, that counts as A&S! More than once
Carrick Mac Manus was seen sharing his homemade mead. Or was it made by his
brother Diederich Von Basel? It's so hard to tell twins apart, especially
when they share the same talent for making such tasty beverages! Horse
barding from a member of Lochmere.... more tasty beverages from the royal
brewer... scrolls by the Scrivener Royal and others.... Banners, pennons,
heraldic display, sewing, the garb.... A&S was EVERYWHERE!
As KMoAS, I am proud and amazed to see Atlantians not only enjoying the
arts and sciences, but totally rocking the competitions! Last year, Duchess
Seonaid (Barbra Bolt) put forth a challenge: She wanted Atlantia to be more
visible within the arts and sciences of Gulf Wars. I can safely say that
the challenge has been accepted, met, surpassed, and blown away!


Yours, in Service and Art,
*Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou*
Residing in the Canton of Ritterwald in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill in
the Kingdom of Atlantia

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