[MR] Defending the Gate Armoured and Combat Archery Announcement

Benjamin Zupan via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Mar 14 21:59:45 PDT 2016

So, for Defending the Gate,
coming up on March 26th:


The majestic cities of
Germany required squads of men to work as units to protect the populace from
invaders. To be one of the milites aurati (Golden Soldiers), special deeds must
be performed.


In the spirit of this martial
tradition, a challenge is hereby issued....

Ten Minutes:

Can you and four comrades assault a bastion in that

Can you and four comrades hold a bastion and
weather the storm?


After the challenge, the
forces will be marshalled and allowed to show the populace of the realm that
neither defense nor attack are lacking in the mighty Kingdom of Atlantia.


Rules of the challenge:

- 5 man teams with no restrictions on composition.

- Last Man Standing.

- No wounds will be retained between rounds.

- If the defending team eliminates the attacking team before 10 minutes have
passed, they will be awarded the full 10 minutes.



Now, at the same time, our
Kingdom's Combat Archers have a special treat before the afternoon:


A horn sounds in the
distance, heralding the arrival of the Wild Hunt. Through the trees arrows and
bolts fly in support of the Huntsman and his hounds.


A show of skill, and a merry
chase through the thicket is called for!


Afterwards, the archers will
be called to the field of battle, either to assist the attack or defense of the



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