[MR] Deadlines for Gemütlichplatz (feast and teaching)

Brynjolf via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Mar 2 06:43:50 PST 2016

Guten Tag!

If you are planning on teaching at Gemütlichplatz on April 9, please try to
have your class proposal submitted this weekend. We are starting to put a
schedule together, and would like to get class info posted on the website.
Class proposals can be sent to Lady Sarah Sinclair, whose e-mail is in the
"CC" line.

Also, the deadline for pre-registering for the event is (postmarked by)
March 19. Remember, you MUST pre-register for feast! There will be no feast
spots available at the gate.

Don't be a dummkopf...! Get your registrations in and guarantee yourself a
spot at the best feast, dance, and beer hall outside of Bavaria!


-Brynjolf the Redbearded
Event Steward

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