[MR] 4 weeks Until Spring Coronation - 4/1/2016

Emma West via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Mar 1 12:55:57 PST 2016

Spring Coronation
April 01- 03, 2016

Kingdom of Atlantia

 A magnificent day is coming where will welcome our new King Dietrich von
Stroheim, a fierce warrior and leader and his bold Queen Thora Heri, the
strength and beauty of Valhalla. It will be a day filled with activities
honoring our new majesties with fighting, feasting and celebration.

*Cost:  *
        Adult, Member:          $15.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $10.00
        Adult, Non-Member:  $20.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $10.00 Camping
        Youth (9-17):             $  0.00 Day-Trip  $10.00 Feast    $10.00
        Child (0-8):                $  0.00 Day-Trip  $10.00 Feast
$10.00 Camping

*Make Checks Payable To:*  SCA, Inc., Kingdom of Atlantia

 Please visit the event website for updates.


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