[MR] Trial by Fire and Lochmere Arrow Schedule and Updates

Erin Scimeca via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Jun 20 13:57:48 PDT 2016

In addition to the event flyer at http://atlantia.sca.org/137-events/167-event-flyer?event_id=d0593934
Lochmere Arrow - There will be a prize arrow created by Lord Godai Katsunaga for the individual with the highest score in each archery class!
Friday night - Haus Wulfshaven is graciously holding a fundraiser BBQ for campers!
Lunch - A fundraiser lunch by Spiaggia Levantina will be available!
Thrown weapons: The range will be open to all and there will be a competition to determine Bright Hills' Baronial Champion, who will take part in the first annual Known World Baronial Champions' Throw at Pennsic!

Last minute combat archery authorizations will be offered after the shoot from 4-5pm.
Children's activities: The children are invited on a dragon hunt. We will use table top ballistas, trebuchets and marshmallow shooting crossbow to slay dragons. You can make a special bag to put your dragons in. We will also decorate dragon eggs. We have dragon tattoos and much more fun on hand.
Parents will need to sign their children in and fill out name tags. The area will be secured so that the children are safe. You may leave your child to go shoot but you will be required to provide a cell phone number to reach you.

Friday, July 1st
Site opens: 4pm
Fundraiser BBQ by Haus Wulfshaven: ~6-8pm
Saturday, July 2nd
Troll open: 9am - 3pm
Archery inspections: 9-10am
Lochmere Arrow clout: 10:30am
Lochmere Arrow shoot: 10:30am-3:30pm
Trial by Fire registration: 10am-3pm
Trial by Fire competition: 12pm-4pm
Thrown weapons range open: 11am-4pm (includes Baronial championship throw)
Children's activities: 11am-3pm
Lunch: noon-1:30pmCombat archery authorizations: 4-5pm
Trial by Fire judging: 4pm-~5:30pm
Baronial Court and awards: ~5:30pm
Potluck feast with remains of Trial by fire entries: following court (~6:30pm)

Sunday, July 3rd
Site closes at noon.
Please direct any questions to me at erin2325 at yahoo dot com!
Yours in service,Ailis inghean ui Bhriain

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