[MR] A&S Consult Table at Storvik Investiture and Novice

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Mon Jun 20 05:31:58 PDT 2016

Want feedback on your A&S project?  Got questions on how to get started with researching A&S projects?  Need help getting your art to come together?
I will be hosting an A&S Consulting Table at Storvik Investiture and Novice Tournament, from 12-4pm.  Artisans will be standing by to answer what questions they can, and help you get oriented in the direction of your artistic goals.  If you have questions specific to your art or science that we can't answer, we will gladly take your contact information, search for a Pearl or Laurel near your home area in your field who can help you, and make the connection.
Pearls, Laurels, and other accomplished historical artisans!  The Consulting Table would love to have your expertise and wisdom on-hand.  If you are willing to be "on call", please stop by the Consulting Table and let us know what your art is and where we can find you between 12-4pm, and we'll send someone to get you if a person who could benefit from your expertise comes by.  If you are willing to help staff the Consulting Table, that's even better!  We'll have a sign-up sheet for volunteers.  Snacks and cold (nonalcoholic) drinks will be provided.
In service,Lady Teleri the Well-Prepared

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