[MR] HRM Thanks from Jacintha

Jacintha of Highland Foorde via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Jun 12 16:09:22 PDT 2016

I know that our fearless autocrat will give her thanks, but I wanted to
extend some thanks and recognition of my own.

Thank you to Wilda Hawkins, who stepped up at the last moment to be my
second adult for the Youth Activities! Without you m'Lady we couldn't have
held them!

Thank you to Jon, whose SCAdian name I cannot recall, son of Ragnar
Ribcrakker, who was a true gentlemen with the young ladies at Children's
Activities! He demonstrated kindness, gentleness and the finer knightly
qualities and was a real help. I hope to see him more at SCA activities!

Thank you to Alaric Messer (Francisco Fuentes), Asandrew Chase (Chase
James) and Jeannette de la Mer (Audrey Ferrell), who were instrumental in
set up and / or tear down, and / or kitchen help, and / or kitchen clean up
and I'm sure other things that I DIDN'T observe personally! I am proud to
have you as members of the Highland Foorde populace and to have you
stepping up to the needs of the Barony!

Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Barony of Highland Foorde Youth Officer
Vice-Chancellor of Pages
Kingdom of Atlantia
Per fess argent and azure, a sprig of harebells azure slipped and leaved
vert and a compass rose argent
jacintha74 at gmail.com

*       Nam in dando recipimus      *
* For it is in giving that we receive *
*    Francis of Assisi 1185-1226    *

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