[MR] WoW Children's Archery Class

Garth Groff via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Sep 21 10:54:33 PDT 2015

Noble Friends,

If you have children who will participate in archery at WoW next month, 
please take note of the special children's and parents safety class 
Friday morning at 9:00 sharp. This class is listed among the courses to 
be offered at WoW, but you don't really have to sign up. I strongly 
recommend all first-time youth archers take this class, and also any 
really young children who have shot before but might need a safety 

The class will be held on the youth archery range, which is adjacent to 
the adult range. Children should arrive with their BOWS UNSTRUNG, as we 
will go right into equipment inspections after the safety class and open 
the range as soon as everyone is inspected. Limited children's loaner 
gear, enough for about 10 youngsters, will be available. I suggest 
adults bring a chair or camp stool, as the ground there was quite damp 
last year.

The children's range will be open during regular shooting hours Friday 
and Saturday.

Please note that Seneschal's policy requires a parent or legal guardian 
be with children (defined as anyone 17 and under) at all times when 
their children are in the range area, even if the youngsters are just 
watching. No adult brothers or sisters, other relatives, or family 
friends can substitute for parents or guardians. This is for the safety 
of your children, and the marshals cannot make exceptions.

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, WoW Children's Archery MIC

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