[MR] Marshals for WoWX

Baronö Bessenyei Rozsa via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Sep 21 08:27:41 PDT 2015

I would like to take a moment and put in a request to all marshals within
Atlantia that are attending War of the Wings.  We have marshal activities
planned all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday this year thanks to some head
activity marshals who are very dedicated to ensuring everyone has a
fabulous time.  While they have done a beautiful job filling up the days
(and some nights) with activities none of this is going to be able to
happen without marshal assistance from the populace.  Currently we have
approximately 1100 people pre-registered to attend and we are fairly
certain a good number of those people will be participating in the martial
activities.  If you are a marshal please volunteer to assist for a short
time at the event so that everyone will get a chance to play.

Thank you,

Baroness Rozsa


*B**aronö Bessenyei Rozsa*
*Rachel Rosado*
*Siege DEM, Atlantia*
*rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com <rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com> *

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