[MR] Cabin and Feast Space for Fall Crown Tourney

E. L. Wimett via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Oct 18 20:51:21 PDT 2015

>From Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, reservationist for Fall Crown Tourney:

At this point space in the small cabins nearer to the fighting field is
effectively sold out.
As I write this, there are still beds available in Grady Lodge which has the
advantages of a kitchen and in-building toilets and showers, but lacks some
of the privacy of the smaller cabins.
Space in Grady Lodge will be distributed in the order in which payment is
received. (Official event policy is "A made reservation is a paid
reservation".)  Given how few spaces remain, it would be advisable to get
your reservations to me as soon as possible and to check with me for updated
availability before you send in your payment.

On a related topic, if there is anyone who plans on staying on site ONLY for
Friday night or ONLY for Saturday night and has already reserved for cabin
space, I would appreciate your letting me know.  Similarly, if you have in
your party a child who does not need a separate bed or someone (child or
adult) for whom it would be comfortable and convenient to bring an air
mattress, please let me know.  I am working very hard to keep travelling
companions and households together and this information will greatly assist
the process of "bed tetris" in which I am currently engaged.

On a happier note, if you plan on tenting for Crown, whether in a period
pavilion or a modern tent, we still have ample tent space.  The autocrats
and I would appreciate it, however, if you could make sure to let me know
the size of your tent and the number of people you anticipate camping so
that the autocrat's staff can have appropriate space laid out before you

Finally, we still have more than two dozen seats available for feast.
However, as the event approaches, the pace at which they are being taken is
speeding up.

The bottom line is not to delay if you are planning to attend Crown, whether
as a participant or a witness, and to check with me if you have any
My contact information and mailing address is on the Crown Tourney web site
and the Atlantian calendar page.  (And, if you are reading this on Facebook,
you can always send me a Facebook message and I will respond as soon as I

Your servant, as always,

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