[MR] War of the Wings Mini-Bardic Challenge

MyLinda Butterworth via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Oct 13 09:06:59 PDT 2015

If you are going to War of the Wings this weekend I hope you will join me
for Mini-Bardic Madness and impromptu fun opportunity to stretch your
bardic wings. Below are the challenges we will be doing, only one requires
any preparation (I will have books for those who forget). Come and join the

WoW Mini-Bardic Madness Challenge - Saturday at Noon

A Tale a Tale, My Kingdom for a Tale (Pass the Tale)
All those who wish to participate get up together and tell a tale from
beginning to end. The challenge's patron will 'conduct' by pointing to the
person whose turn it is to continue the tale, and deciding when it is time
to end the tale.

Sometimes words have hidden meanings and it will be up to our team to
define their given word, one word at a time to the audience until the word
is completely defined.

Wisdom is Often Fleeting
Aesop a mere slave, is credited for presenting teaching stories with a
touch of wisdom so for this challenge you would be wise to come with a
prepared Aesop story to tell.  Stories should be five minutes or less.

Shakespeare on the Fly
No preparation for you will be handed a piece by Shakespeare and must stand
and perform on the fly after 60 seconds. Sing it, dramatize it …own it.

Rules of the Challenge:
1. This is a challenge and not a competition. If you are playing then you
have already won.
2. Challenges are designed to encourage you to try your hand at something
new, to stretch yourself, to enjoy, and to celebrate the creative spirit.
3. Follow as closely as you can to the instructions as possible.
4. In order to allow the largest number of people to participate, prepared
entries should be limited to five minutes or less (that includes the

See you there!  Lady Scholastica

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