[MR] From Gise. Important changes at WoW

Lorelei Elkins via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Oct 13 05:23:55 PDT 2015

Folks, there have been some changes that are very important. PLEASE READ
and pass on to others coming to WoW.

The county here has a new fire marshal who came to site today which has
caused some changes.

1) We have lost use of the new building. The iFirenzi performance, Bawdy
Bardic, Rabble Rousing, A&S displays and competitions, The Scribal
Scriptorium, the Fiber Solar, the Science Fair and Heralds Point will be
relocated in the Village.

2) The Library is cancelled. I am very sorry. We just don't have any
shelter to put it under at this point.

3) Bonfires are no longer allowed at WoW due to NC Fire Code requirements.

4) Camp fires must be no larger than 3' square and need 20' clearance on
all sides

5) There will be a correction to locations and scheduled activities printed
and available at Gate and Information Point.

Deepest Apologies to all for any inconvenience. Please pass this info on to
others who may need it.


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