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Lorelei Elkins via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Oct 12 11:54:16 PDT 2015

Forwarded upon request.

Good gentles,

We come to you today with a reminder and a request. War of the Wings has
become a huge event. Currently we have more pre-registrations than have
been on site in the past. As members of the SCA, and citizens of the great
Kingdom of Atlantia and all of its Barony's, we are hosts to any and all
(regardless of the location of an event). If you will be attending War of
the Wings, if you should see any individuals wandering around site you do
not recognize, especially in mundane clothing, please ask them if they have
checked in with the gate. If they say they have not, please either ask to
show them where gate is, or find someone who would be willing to otherwise
escort them. If you see someone in uniform, please immediately contact a
member of the EVENT staff and point this individual out to them, or escort
them yourselves to an EVENT staff member or the site owner ONLY.

No individuals should be on site without first checking in through gate
first. Period. ALL non-paid SCA member must sign a waiver before entering
site, under any circumstances, and anyone claiming to be checking out the
site MUST be escorted by a member of the War of the Wings staff at all
times, and only after having signed a waiver, again, under all

Your diligence and attention is most appreciated.

We remain,

Marc and Alianor
Baron and Baroness, Barony of the Sacred Stone

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