[MR] Challenge at War of the Wings X

Simone de Venezia via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Fri Oct 2 08:58:17 PDT 2015

Being desirous to test my character and better myself as a practitioner of
the dueling arts and further being of mind to do honor to my Lady Wife,
Signora Muirenne l’Aloire and hoping in all humility to bring honor and
exaltation unto the fair Barony of the Sacred Stone, the Canton of
Middlegate, House Corvus and the Academie d’Espee, I do formally issue this
Provocare Arma.

LET IT BE KNOWN far and wide that as challenger I, Signore Simone de
Venezia do give notice to all practitioners of the Nobile arte di difesa
(Noble Art of Defense), be they Novice, Scholar, Free scholar or Provost
that it is my intention to formally invite all comers to face me upon the
tournament field at War of the Wings X in the form and manner which follows.

Without malice aforethought and in a spirit of competition and learning I
shall make myself available when the officials of the day declare that the
field be open. Thenceforth, as time permits throughout the day I shall take
and hold the field against all who seek to answer this challenge in
honorable combat as is the custom of our Society. These bouts shall be
fought singly and they who fight shall each be armed in the manner of their
choosing and each bout shall end when cinque colpi di veri (five true
blows) have been landed by an opponent as is the custom.

Furthermore, let all who accept this challenge record their name, school
and rank along with any words of advice, praise, criticism or friendship
they so wish into a book which shall be made available to them so that
their deeds and the lessons of the day might be remembered forevermore and
not fade with the passing of years.

In order to add greater faith that these are my words and true intent, I
Signore Simone de Venezia, Citizen of the Barony of the Sacred Stone,
Seneschal to the Canton of Middlegate, Scholar within the Academie d’Espee
and member in good standing of House Corvus do affix my personal seal of
arms; Or, a fer-a-loupe inverted and on a chief embattled Gules, three
goblets Or, augmented in base with a Portcullis Gules, unto this missive as
it is written and dated upon this 1st day of Octobetr in the year AS 50.

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