[MR] [Archers] BBC: 1944 Henry V Still Photos Found

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M'Lord Barre,

I see what you mean. The actor certainly isn't looking like this is a 
life-or-death situation. He's not half as bad as that man-at-arms who 
walks out of the door to the great hall in Notingham Castle during the 
ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD's first major fight scene and gets skewered. He 
acts like he's wandering down to the pub for pint of ale. Probably some 
studio exec's nephew.

There actually are a lot of medieval illuminations that show archers 
shooting on the right side of the bow, and they can't all be just bad 
art. I suspect that once you get used to it, shooting that way isn't all 
that difficult. I certainly would want a glove though. I do shoot off 
the hand (though on the left side of the bow), and have always used one. 
My gloves get pretty chewed up, so I'm glad not to be shooting off bare 

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, Who Has Been Shooting Period For the Last Two Years

On 5/18/15 4:49 PM, Bary Sears wrote:
> I suspect posing for the camera.
> There are other problems, notably the third archer from the left, who really
> needs to pay more attention to what he's doing.
> Barre
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> Noble Friends,
> Today the BBC has a brief story about the rediscovery of still photos from
> the 1944 Olivier version of Henry V:
> http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-32751979 . Sadly, the
> article only reproduces three of the photos. Two are views of the archers,
> showing what appear to be excellent period costumes. Curiously, most of the
> archers have their archers on the right side of their bows (Mongolian
> style), though they are otherwise shooting right-handed.
> Hmmm. After seeing the videos of that Dutch speed shooter, I tried this on
> my basement range and put both arrows into the wall. Enough of that
> foolishness.
> Yours Aye,
> Lord Mungo Napier, The Archer of Mallard Lodge
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