[MR] Seeking Letters of Intent for Kingdom Chatelain

Duchess Kalisa via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun May 31 09:59:17 PDT 2015

Unto the Populace of fair Atlantia does DuchessKalisa Aleksandrovna, Kingdom Chatelain, sends greetings. This September will mark four years serving asyour Kingdom Chatelain.   Despite my love for this Office andnewcomers, the time has come for me to step aside to allow somebody else totake on this role and continue the growth of our program for the good of theKingdom and Society.  Eligibility requirements and responsibilitiesof the position may be found at: http://law.atlantia.sca.org/Law.html#4 http://law.atlantia.sca.org/Law.html#5http://law.atlantia.sca.org/Policy.html#10As this position is a Great Officer of State,you must understand and comply with the governance documents of the SCA - http://sca.org/docs/pdf/govdocs.pdfIf you are interested in applying for thisposition, please include the following information in an email to me(chatelain at atlantia.sca.org and scakalisa at yahoo.com) and to Their Majesties Loganand Esa (trm at atlantia.sca.org):* Full name (modern and SCA)* Complete contact information (includingmailing, email address, and phone #)* SCA membership # and Expiration Date* Letter explaining your experience and why youwould like to be considered* Resume highlighting your experiences thatwould qualify you for this position (both modern and SCA)The deadline for submission of the aboveinformation is July 15, 2015.  Pleasefeel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. In service to Atlantia and All Her people, DuchessKalisa Aleksandrovna KingdomChatelain 
Duchess  Kalisa Aleksandrovna
Kingdom Chatelain, Atlantia

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