[MR] Archery at Ruby Joust

Garth Groff via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue May 12 13:33:19 PDT 2015

Noble Friends of the Bow,

Atlantia's dastardly enemies, unable to defeat our armies on the field 
of battle, have sent legions of monsters and other evil creatures to 
ravage our shires and baronies! Only Atlantia's mighty archers stand 
between these horrors and our homes and manors. Archers, heed the call 
to battle at Ruby Joust!

Below is the final archery schedule. This is meant to be a fun, low 
pressure shoot among friends. There are dozens of monsters to pot on 
targets that will challenge the skills of both novice and expert alike.

Anyone under 18 years-old accompanied by a parent or guardian is most 
welcome on the range. Adults need not actually participate for their 
children to shoot, but must be physically present. Two of the eight 
lanes will be set aside for children, youths, and absolute novice 
adults, however youngsters may shoot at the more difficult targets if 
they wish.

The only scored portion will be the Children's Shoot on Sunday morning. 
The children will be divided into three age brackets, but all will shoot 
at the same three targets. A prize for the highest score in each age 
bracket will be awarded.

In addition to the two inspection times noted below, ad hoc equipment 
inspections will be available any time, subject to the availability of 
marshals. Limited loaner equipment for both children and adults will be 

Also note that an atlatl battle is planned for Sunday afternoon (weather 
permitting). Some loaner equipment will be available for this activity.


9:00   a.m. Open for equipment inspections
10:00 a.m. Monster Mash Shoot begins; adults and youngsters
12:30 p.m. Range closes for lunch and reset
2:00   p.m. Range opens for general shooting; adults and youngsters
4:00   p.m. Range closes for supper and Royal Court
6:30   p.m. Range opens for evening shoot; adults and youngsters
7:30   p.m. Range closes


9:00   a.m. Open for equipment inspections
9:30   a.m. Children's prize shoot begins
10:30 a.m. Prize shoot ends. Range remains open for adults and youngsters
12:00 p.m. Range closes for lunch and tear-down
1:30   p.m. Range opens for atlatl battle.
4:00   p.m. Range closes for Baronial Court

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, Ruby Joust Target Archery Marshal-in-Charge

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