[MR] The Cooks and Performers Symposium - May 30 in Windmasters Hill!

Lara Coutinho via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon May 11 20:34:51 PDT 2015

If you like to cook, to eat, to dance, to make music, to tell stories, or
to help your friends learn how to do it so they can feed and entertain you,
you cannot miss the Cooks and Performers Symposium on May 30th!

Learn how to manage feasts and use the best research sources from our own
Duchess Melisande de Belvoir!
Learn cheese, brewing, sauces, cabbages, pies, redactions, proportions,
peppers, bread, knife skills, proportions, plating, and how to stuff a
chicken from Atlantia's best Feastocrats!
Learn the easy dances or up your game on the dance floor with Master
Lorenzo from Meridies!
Learn how to present yourself to an audience and perform anything with
Mistress Tyze Sofia from the Midrealm!
Get private feedback on your performance piece from Atlantia's own Mistress
Dervila, Mistress Rosalind, and Lady Teleri, Mistress Sofia, and a new MFA
grad and professional Theater and Dance educator from Sacred Stone, Agnes
Olympe d'Occitanie!

The schedule is enjoying it's final tweaks this week, so check out it's
final dress rehearsal at:

There are really too many classes by too many extremely talented folks
happening at this event, so don't miss this chance to learn amazing things
in one awesome day!

--Lady Sophia the Orange
Autocrat, Cooks and Performers Symposium
Atlantia Minister of Arts and Sciences Deputy for Performing Arts
Windmasters' Hill Minister of Arts and Sciences

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