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Mon May 11 14:14:07 PDT 2015

(With kind permission from the list owner ...)


I am delighted to let you know that my cross-stitch design company -- Arelate Studio -- is back with more than 60 new designs and a brand-new web page!


I am also happy to tell you that all of my books are available as pdfs.  They are the exact same books as the hard copies.  They are no longer available in hard copy.

Everything you need to know, including how to order charts and books, can be found on the web page.  I encourage you to pass this information along to anyone or any group who might find it of interest. 

Please enjoy yourself as you browse through old favorites, meet new ones, and generally join me back in the wonderful graphic design world of the Middle Ages and Renaissance!


Nancy Spies
Arelate Studio
www.arelatestudio.com ;

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