[MR] Book on Dervishes and Turkish Costume

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Wed May 6 12:57:27 PDT 2015

Noble Friends,

New at UVA’s Alderman Library: _Derviş çeyizi, Türkiye'de tarikat 
giyim-kuşam tarihi_ by Nurhan Atasoy (ISBN 9751731747; our call number 
GT1400 .A83 2005). The title of this marvelous books roughly translates 
as “Dervish Dowery”, and as the title implies, is all about the Dervish 
sect of Turkey. This is a book entirely in Turkish (which mercifully 
uses roman script, more or less). Don’t read Turkish? Neither do I, but 
I still catalog Turkish books from time to time (how is a trade secret). 
You don’t need to read the language to appreciate the lavish 
illustrations, many in color. Some are paintings of a style that looks 
like they might be from the medieval period, some are photos are from 
the 19^th century on, and there are many full-color modern photos as 
well. Of particular interest to Scadians of Middle-eastern personas are 
the photos of various hats, turbans, gowns and accessories. Many of the 
gown photos (apparently from museum collections by their condition and 
presentation) are accompanied by scaled patterns that could be used to 
make acceptable replicas for garb purposes. I know little about 
Middle-eastern costume, and no doubt styles changed from time to time 
and culture to culture, but these appear to be typical of a number of 
places and eras. On this, I will bow to our costume experts. Over-all, 
this book will be of great interest, and I think great use, to 
Middle-eastern costumers.

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, Shire of Isenfir’s Unofficial Librarian

(aka Garth Groff, UVA Library Metadata Specialist, or Cataloger to those 
of the old school)

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