[MR] Feas menu for Siege of Glengary XX

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This is a reminder that we are planning a prereg feast for this year's Siege of Glengary. If you wish to feast with us, you are encouraged to get your prereg in by Sept. 12 as there will only be a limited number of slots available at the door. 

 Reservations may be sent to: Lady Reina Dulcedame (Jessica Knill-Lopez) at P.O. Box 151, Hedgesville, WV 25427.
 And just in case you need further inducement to prereg, here is the wonderful menu we have planned. ************************************************************************************** Gentle reminder to those with more specific diet concerns. I have endeavored to develop a menu that is adjustable to some common allergy concerns, including Gluten, but you will need to let me know if you have those concerns and plan to dine with us, as this allows me to best determine amounts of things. Please remember to do so, I want everyone to be able to enjoy this wonderful feast. Thank you,
 Lady Arianna dal Vallone
 Your Siege Feast Chef. Siege of Glengary 20 Feast Menu
 Course 1- Antipasto
 Mixed green salad with herbed vinaigrette.
 Herbed olive oil
 Course 2- Poultry Course
 Roasted Chicken with Orange Sauce
 Peas with Mint and Parsley
 Roasted Rice- a creamy risotto roasted with mozzarella cheese on top.
 Course 3- Meat Course
 Pork Roast with Camelline Sauce- roasted pork with a cinnamon sauce.
 Fryed Spinach- sautéed spinach with a spiced powder.
 Vermicelli in Saffron broth
 Course 4- Dessert Course
 Menya de Angel (Angel's Food) with mixed berries- sweet cheese cream dessert with mixed summer berries.
 Marzipan Silver Apples
 Amaretti de Saranno- sweet almond cookie (gluten free)
 Apple Roses- a rose shaped Apple cinnamon pastry.
 For dietary concerns, please contact Lady Arianna del Vallone at ariannaddv at gmail.com or 304-839-2100.

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